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03 Mar 2015

Douglas R. Marvin and F. Whitten Peters earned recognition through client nomination to the BTI Client Service All-Stars 2015 list.  Attorneys are identified to this list for their client service solely and exclusively by corporate counsel, according to the BTI Consulting Group.  "The only way to be included is through an unprompted, unequivocal recommendation from corporate counsel. No law firm or attorney can submit a name or pay to be included on this list or submit corporate counsel names to be interviewed."  Only 354 attorneys were selected to the 2015 list.  Doug Marvin was nominated in the area of Mass Tort Litigation by a large pharmaceutical company, and has been previously selected to the 2013 and 2011 lists. ...

23 Feb 2015

Executive Search

Chief Executive Search global and regional

Senior Executive Search global and regional

Director Search global and regional

Internal and external candidate assessment

Management succession reviews and planning

Senior Executive remuneration recommendations

Trends and reporting on incentives structures

National, regional and international global talent mapping

We access the best talent domestically and internationally, and have one of the highest completion rates in the business. We use in-depth research to build a total picture of possibilities, based on well-formulated search strategies. Our end goal is a quality short-list and an appointment that drives long-term value for our clients.

Working in...

28 Aug 2014

Pour yourself a tall glass of cold water. Place it in front of you and read on.

The water you have just poured for yourself is much like the feedwater you may be sending directly into your boiler.

It contains among other things, dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide that can be particularly destructive to feed lines, condensers and to your boiler.

The oxygen in this raw feedwater is released within the boiler as a result of heat and rises in the form of bubbles. These bubbles attach themselves to the boiler tubes, water legs and the sides of the boiler drum shell at the water line.

The oxygen along with the carbon dioxide attacks the iron and set up chemical musical chairs in which the steel in your...